Friends and Partners

Our Network

Business is a team sport. To be successful, one needs friends and partners. Over the years, we have tried business incubation, social media tactics and various forms of "entrepreneurship training". In the end, we have come to realise that nothing beats an old-fashioned network built on solid relationships. Our network is where we find mentors to learn from, partners to complement our own skills and all the resources we need to succeed.

Below you will find some of our friends and partners listed in alphabetical order. These are our most valuable assets:


Impact Hub

We are members of the global Impact Hub network. This gives us access to office and meeting spaces on 6 continents from Johannesburg to New York to Dubai.



JAK Medlemsbank

JAK is a non-profit membership bank. It does not speculate or use interest. The bank has been around for over 40 years, has very stable finances and supports local economies through their holistic approach to banking and loans. We use JAK for all our banking needs.




Länsförsäkringar is an insurance cooperative. Members are able to influence the organisation. We have all our insurance needs covered through Länsförsäkringar.




We  wish to minimise our environmental footprint as much as possible. Consequently, we travel by train. As a result, our  carbon footprint for travel during 2013 was only 99 kg (attributed to public transport by bus).




Subtopia is a cluster for creative entrepreneurs. Through our partnership with Subtopia, we can access spaces for our training events ranging from small offices to massive event halls that fit over 2000 people.



Swedish Federation of Business Owners

The Swedish Federation of Business Owners is the largest association for SMEs in Sweden. Through this association, we get access to legal advice, mentors and valuable networks.




Tickster is our ticketing service provider. Our partnership with Tickster gives us a complete infrastructure for managing tickets for our national and international training events.




The Scenario Sciences founder is a member of the international AIESEC alumni network. This provides access to a global community of change makers, young leaders and experienced business mentors.




Deltate is a member of the informal Blue Economy network in Sweden. They have also been working with Ecocycle design to implement innovative practices in sustainable building - primarily in regards to HVAC systems.



Golden Key Honour Society

The Scenario Sciences founder is a member of the international Golden Key Honour Society. Through this network, we can find partners, young leaders and mentors. 



Ecocycle Design

Ecocycle Design is both a Blue Economy company (founded by Anders Nyqvist and his daughter Karin) and  a member of the informal Swedish Blue Economy Network. Both Karin and Anders are talented pioneers in Zero Emissions architecture. They are our Go-To people for anything related to architecture and sustainable city design.


Mats Göransson Business Consulting

Mats Göransson is an experienced and talented business consultant specialising sustainable growth strategies. Mats is a key member of the informal Swedish Blue Economy Network and a pleasure to work with.

Website: http://www.


Produkt Gotland

The founding members of the business association known today as Produkt Gotland have had an intimate partnership with ZERI since 1995. Due to recent changes in the political climate, however, much of the underlying financial support for this program disappeared - almost overnight. At Scenario Sciences, we are helping Produkt Gotland rebuild this practical partnership by linking competence with needs and setting up new, independent, training programs for businesses.



Provins Mat

When organising training events in Stockholm, Provins Mat is our catering partner of choice. Provins Mat works to preserve local knowledge and culinary traditions. They have a strong sustainability profile and 75%-90% of the ingredients are organic.



Watreco is a Blue Economy company, mentioned in the Blue Economy report. We collaborate with Watreco for projects in southern Sweden and anything that requires cost-effective water purification. Curt Hallberg who is behind their innovative technology is nothing short of a genius, and a pleasure to work with.



Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) was founded in 1994 as a result of a research project at United Nations University in Tokyo. Today,  ZERI is a network of over 3000 scientists and entrepreneurs from around the world. The Blue Economy is ZERI's philosophy in action. Through ZERI we can find mentors, partners and experts within almost every field.

Öijared Academy

Öijared Academy is a regional conference centre north of Gothenburg, Sweden. The founder is very passionate about The Blue Economy, sustainability and health issues. Through Öijared, we can offer exciting, local spaces for our training courses.







Current Projects

Projects we are working on with our friends and partners.


There are currently no projects running...