Training for a Blue Economy?

Nordic Ensemble Scenario Training is aligned with Blue Economy principles:


Our method facilitates the self-organisation, self-direction and self-replication of the participant groups and, subsequently, of the scenario itself.


Systems Thinking

Simulations are designed as open systems with information flows and feedback loops instead of rules and directors.


Holistic Humanism

This principle is embodied in our use of sociocultural dynamics and participant centric design.


Resilience Through Diversity

Our method embraces diversity of skills, talent, background and views. This is why we can offer a high degree of realism and creative freedom.


Open Systems and Information Flows

Our methodology originates from a strong Open Source tradition.


Everything has value

We can harness the full value in every resource we have access to


Work with What You Have/Act Locally

We optimise our resource use and focus on what we have at hand locally.